An Office Shouldn't Be Toxic | 7 Red Flags At The Workplace You Should Know Of



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An Office Shouldn't Be Toxic | 7 Red Flags At The Workplace You Should Know Of

By ellephant

It is bad enough we have to wake up each day, deal with traffic and slog for 9 hours. What's worse is when all of that is added with toxicity. 

There are certain red flags in an office we shouldn't tolerate, no matter how much of pushovers we make ourselves to be. 

Our list of 7, down below!  

1. Micromanaging

When higher ups or senior colleagues breathe down necks at every turn, disregarding trust. 

2. Lack of Empathy

When there is negative energy after someone shares their struggles. 

3. Self Entitlement

When staff aren't treated equally, or when superiors think they are more entitled than everyone else.

4. Lack of Support

Support isn't given when support is needed or asked for. 

5. Unrealistic Expectations

When staff are expected to constantly be on call or available, regardless of agreed upon working hours. 

6. Blame

When individuals are blamed, instead of working together to fix the problem.  

7. Incivility

When staff are ignored, undermined or belittled for their efforts, thoughts or emotions. 

Should you find any of these red flags in your workplace, don't stick around to see how red that flag can get.  

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