Do You Know Why Your Potato Chip Bag Is Always Half Empty With So Much Air Inside?



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Do You Know Why Your Potato Chip Bag Is Always Half Empty With So Much Air Inside?

By JustineG

Prepare to have your mind blown, chip lovers! We've delved into the mysterious world of bagged chips to uncover the truth behind that seemingly never-ending sea of air. 

You know the feeling when you excitedly crack open a bag of chips, only to be greeted by disappointment as you realize it's half-filled with nothingness?

Well, it turns out there's more to this chip bag conspiracy than meets the eye!

First things first, let's address the elephant in the room: the air-filled bag. We've all suspected that it's just a sneaky marketing trick to make us think we're getting more chips than we actually are.

And guess what? We're not entirely wrong! But hold on, there's a method to this madness.

As it turns out, that 'air' in your chip bag isn't simply a waste of space. It's actually a secret weapon against staleness and crushed chips. Say hello to taste-preserving nitrogen!;0.0304xw,0&resize=1200:*

This gas ninja fights off the forces of staleness, keeping your chips fresher for longer. So that extra space isn't just a cruel illusion, it's an essential part of chip preservation.

But wait, we stumbled upon a chip enthusiast who went the extra mile to investigate this chip conundrum.

Visual artist Henry Hargreaves took matters into his own hands (or should we say, taste buds) and conducted an experiment in the lab. And boy, did he uncover some surprising results!

Henry, armed with a vacuum sealer, put chip bags to the test. He found that when he sucked out the air, it was actually the most efficient way to transport and handle them without a chipocalypse.

Who would have thought? Even the mighty Pringles, with their iconic tube shape, were not spared from this revelation. 

Henry discovered that they too had a suspicious amount of air, leaving chips short of reaching the top. Mind-boggling, right?

Hold up, there's more! CDA Appliance clearly takes chip research seriously, decided to drop-test opened and unopened bags to determine just how much protection that extra air provides. The results were eye-opening!

While the unopened bag suffered 4 out of 14 chip casualties, the opened bag only had 3 out of 14 damaged chips. So, it seems that the cushioning effect of that extra air isn't as foolproof as we thought.

Alright, so here's the deal: a bag of chips that feels like it's 70% air may be infuriating, but it turns out it's actually crucial for preserving that satisfying crunch we all love.

So, the next time you open a chip bag and think, 'Why, oh why, is there so much air?!' remember that it's all for the greater chip good. 

Embrace the air, embrace the freshness, and indulge in those perfectly protected, crispy delights. Happy snacking, chip lovers!"

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