Is It Okay For Us Women To Use A Panty Liner Everyday? Here's Your Answer!



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Is It Okay For Us Women To Use A Panty Liner Everyday? Here's Your Answer!

By ellephant

Being a woman is hard work. 

One of the long list of problems we're usually faced with is having discharge come out of us like all our lives. That being said, many opt to use panty liners as means to keep their underwear absolutely clean.  

But, did you know that in actuality, women are only supposed to have discharge before and after their periods? So, if you deal with discharge on the daily, you may need to go get checked. 

Coming back to the topic at hand, can women use panty liners everyday, or rather, should they?  

Our coochie's natural state is being moist and self-cleaning. When, we use a panty liner, it makes the area even more moist. 

Moist is good, no? Well, the saying is, everything in moderation. 

Extra moisture can unfortunately open up avenues for bacteria and fungi to habituate the area, increasing your chances at infections. Thus, you would be better without it.  

But, if you really do feel like you need to use one, then be sure to constantly change your panty liner every 3-4 hours. 

Nevertheless, remember that panty liners can encourage discharge, moisture and infections, so think again!

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