60% of STD Patients In Malaysia Are Mostly Female University Students Aged 20 - 29, Study Reveals



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60% of STD Patients In Malaysia Are Mostly Female University Students Aged 20 - 29, Study Reveals

By Ayunie

A Malaysian STD specialist in Kuala Lumpur, Dr. Ahmad Ramdan Zainordin has revealed that almost 60% of his patients who came to seek treatment were young women aged 20 to 29, consisting mainly of university students.


STDs are predominantly transmitted through sexual contact with multiple partners, although in some cases it could also be contracted through blood or blood products. According to Dr. Ahmad, these patients mainly found sexual partners through an array of dating apps, of which hookup culture and FWB are widely bred. 


According to the clinic's data ranging from May 2020 to May 2021, a total of 139 patients have come to seek treatment. From that, 52 out of 82 people who tested positive for STDs were young women between the age of 20 and 29, while others aged 30 and above. 49 of these particular young women are university students, the study adds. 


While this information can be a bit shocking, let's not slut-shame the youth. A person shouldn't be made to feel guilty about their preferred sexual activities, as one is entitled to personal choices. That being said, this study shines the light on the importance of safe sex practice, and getting yourself checked is definitely the first step. 

Remember kids, unprotected sex will never pass the vibe check.  

Source: Kosmo, China Press

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