M'sian Teen Tiktoker Goes Viral For "Correctly Predicting" The Next PM



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M'sian Teen Tiktoker Goes Viral For "Correctly Predicting" The Next PM

2 Weeks ago

@zhaeim, A malaysian teen Tiktoker posted a Tiktok prior to the official announcement of the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia, declaring that "Anwar will be PM tomorrow, mark my words."

The following day once the official announcement was declared to the public and his prediction proved to be correct, the Malaysian teen stitched or reacted to the previous video he made with a series of responses where he can be seen smiling intently, as if saying "I told you so!"

To date, the videos have almost reached one million views and more than 100K likes! The comments under his videos are jokingly accusing him of having a secret discussion with the YDPA himself and being part of the Istana Negara's WhatsApp group. 

Jokes aside, it is certainly refreshing to see the new generation being more involved in our country's politics, all in their own ways. The future of Malaysia is bright and let's hope it stays that way.

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Matcha-fueled Aries reporting for duty.



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