WATCH: Woman’s Dashcam Camera Caught Ghostly Figure Playing Hide & Seek In Her Backseat



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WATCH: Woman’s Dashcam Camera Caught Ghostly Figure Playing Hide & Seek In Her Backseat

By Ayunie

In a spine-chilling incident, TikTok user @geby_283 stumbled upon a ghostly figure captured on her new dashcam's footage. The incident occurred shortly after she had installed the voice-activated dashcam in her car, and the unexpected discovery left her both amused and terrified. As she shared her experience on TikTok, other users expressed their own eerie reactions, with some even inquiring about the brand of the dashcam to avoid any potential ghostly encounters of their own.

When the TikTok user reviewed the recorded footage of her new dashcam, she noticed a mysterious figure lurking in the backseat of her car. Half-jokingly and half-creeped out, she suggested that the "ghost" must have used its voice to activate the dashcam, causing it to capture the chilling presence.

The video quickly gained attention, drawing in viewers who were both intrigued and spooked by the ghostly encounter. Many users flooded the comments section, sharing their own reactions and speculations about the eerie figure captured in the footage.

@geby_283 Time ni baru lepas install dashcam baru. Dashcam ni ada voice-activated function. Boleh suruh selfie, buat vlog, ambik gambar kiri kanan & dalam kete dgn hanya bagi arahan melalui suara. Masalahnya I takde cakap pape pon tiba2 dashcam ni pusing. Boleh tengok muka i macam .Kalau tengok cara dia pusing tu macam dapat arahan Shoot Inside. Takpela bagi chance la dia excited nak try benda baru kot . #seram original sound - Gebs

Some viewers expressed genuine fear and fascination, noting how unsettling the ghostly appearance was. Curiosity piqued, a few users even requested the brand and model of the dashcam, hoping to steer clear of any potential supernatural encounters themselves.

While the true nature of the captured figure remains a mystery, the incident serves as a reminder of the power of technology to capture unexpected moments. It also highlights the enduring fascination humans have with the supernatural and the unknown.

As @geby_283's TikTok video continues to circulate, viewers are left to ponder the validity of the ghostly encounter and the potential implications of such paranormal encounters being caught on modern devices. 

What are your thoughts on the clip? Is it real, or just a hoax? Comment below. 

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