These Shower Gels Smell Just As Good As High-End Perfumes And Will Definitely Keep You Smelling Like A Snack All Day



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These Shower Gels Smell Just As Good As High-End Perfumes And Will Definitely Keep You Smelling Like A Snack All Day


For some, shower time is one of the most important times of their day as it is where they get to fully release all the stress and worries at the end of a long day as they wash all the impurities away. What makes the experience even better is when you have good-smelling products to help you relax. Well, here are a few suggestions for a better me-time in the shower. 

#1 Dove Micellar Water Shower Gel In Lotus Flower

(Source: Shopee

If you want a shower gel with skincare and smelling good benefits all in one, then this Dove's micellar water shower gel in Lotus Flower is your exact match. Micellar water has garnered quite a cult following over the years for its positive benefits to the skin, especially its detoxifying and cleansing properties. Your skin will not only smell good but will also be super smooth thanks to the micellar water in this shower gel. Plus, it's affordable! Specifically RM 18.90 for 500 ML. 

You can shop for it here!

#2 Lux Botanicals Skin Detox Freesia And Tea Tree Oil
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This particular shower gel will transport you to a garden of fresh flowers thanks to the freesia and tea tree oil extract in its ingredients. Besides, tea tree oil is known for its acne-clearing properties so if you're suffering from back acne, try giving this one a go. You'll smell really good too!

Buy one here, if you're interested. It's RM 20.90 per 450 ML bottle, which is quite affordable. 

#3 Kustie Cherry Blossom Shower & Bath Gel

(source: Watsons)

Who doesn't love the smell of red cherry blossoms? With this shower gel, you'll get to feel them for yourself as well as real petals are included in the gel which makes it all oh-so-fancy. This could explain why the price tag is quite up there, but when it smells that good, I'd say it's worth the purchase. This shower gel comes in a 500 ML bottle priced at RM 46.20.

Get yours here

#4  Kustie Chamomile Shower Gel

(source: Watsons)

If the smell of red cheery blossoms doesn't really tickle your fancy, here's a different one for you. Also from Kustie, this shower gel makes chamomile the star of their show, and yep, real chamomile flowers are added inside as well! So if you find red cheery blossoms to be too overpowering, you'd appreciate a more subtle freshness of chamomile flowers in this gel— also priced at RM 46.90 a bottle. 

Grab one here. 

#5 The Body Shop British Rose Shower Gel


The Body Shop's body care ranges need no introduction, but one of their most famous range is undoubtedly the British Rose collection, specifically their shower gel. It gives off a very light rose fragrance without it being too overwhelming, which is perfect to get lost in after a tiring, long day. Priced at RM 34 a 250 ML, this definitely screams "self-care" at its finest. 

Try one for yourself here

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