Say Cheese! These 3 Poses Will Make You Look Striking In Every Photo



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Say Cheese! These 3 Poses Will Make You Look Striking In Every Photo

By DN21

Some people are born photogenic, while others well, need to work extra harder. When it comes to taking photos, one obviously hopes the outcome to be flattering. Taking photos after photos is tiring, especially if only 2-3 of them turned out the best. So to save time AND energy, how about start taking cues from these 3 poses instead? You'll guarantee to nail a picture perfect outcome, and still be in a good mood!

Let your legs to the talking (and posing)  

Angling your legs in this position add power and dimension to your whole frame. Not only does this pose creates an edgy effect, this angle will even make you look slimmer and refined. Put on a killer ensemble, and you've got yourself an instant influencer. 

Not facing the camera  
If staring directly into the camera makes you feel agitated, then this pose gives off a more natural vibe. You'd end up looking relaxed, and be able to create an alluring outcome. Position an accessory, like a tote, on your mid-center and you can get rid of that quarantine belly from your photo (no hate, we all desperately want to get rid of that too).

Looking down at the camera  

While the eye level angle is great, not everyone knows how to master that pose because you'd end up looking staged. To counter this, look down at the camera instead as this will enhance your good features (bye double chin). Plus, you'd look taller too.

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