The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Likely Last For Another 6 Years, Experts Predict



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The COVID-19 Pandemic Will Likely Last For Another 6 Years, Experts Predict


Remember this article  that predicts the COVID-19 pandemic to cease a few months into 22? A new report has emerged that sort of contradicts the prediction. A statement made by the British cabinet line-up, on the other hand, predicted the expectancy of the COVID-19 pandemic to be quite longer than just a couple of months: 6 years to be exact.  

The vigorous booster dose injection campaign implemented worldwide is believed to be efficient in protecting individuals from the Omicron variant and offers the best chance of survival against the virus.  

The death toll in Britain yesterday had hit the largest figure in Europe with 150,000 COVID-19 cases recorded since the pandemic outbreak first plagued earth two years ago.

Meanwhile, Johnson in a statement posted on Twitter wrote the coronavirus has had a devastating impact on Britain with the latest death toll.

"The way for us to get out of this epidemic is for everyone to get a first or second dose booster injection if they haven't already," he said. Well frankly, the world population has slowly learned to adapt to living with the virus, and so long as we have the vaccines, it shouldn't be that bad, no? 

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