20 K-Dramas Which Would VERY LIKELY Change Your Entire Life



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20 K-Dramas Which Would VERY LIKELY Change Your Entire Life

By ellephant

There is just something about great shows we most certainly cannot get over. 

Rallying a rather lengthy list of some of the most life-changing K-dramas out there, here is our list of the top 20 K-dramas (in no particular order) which would not allow you to look at the world the same ever again. 

Take our word for it and check them out below!


1. It's Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)

2. Itaewon Class (2020)

3. Because This Is My First Life (2017)

4. It's Okay That's Love (2014)

5. Reply 1988 (2015)


6. Hospital Playlist (2020-2021)

7. Run On (2020)

8. Uncontrollably Fond (2016)

9. Just Between Lovers (2017)

10. Move To Heaven (2021)


11. Prison Playbook (2017)

12. Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022)

13. 18 Again (2020)

14. My Mister (2018)

15. Mr. Sunshine (2018)


16. Go Back Couple (2017)

17. Tomorrow (2022)

18. Hi Bye Mama (2020)

19. Misaeng: Incomplete Life (2014)

20. Be Melodramatic (2019)


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