WATCH: Local' Halal' Restaurant In KL Gets Shut Down For Cooking Using Rice Wine



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WATCH: Local' Halal' Restaurant In KL Gets Shut Down For Cooking Using Rice Wine

By JustineG

There have been numerous reports lately concerning local restaurants closing down due to hygiene issues or a lack of proper licenses. However, a well-known halal restaurant in Kuala Lumpur reportedly faced closure after allegations surfaced that they were using non-halal ingredients in their cooking.


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This revelation came to light via a TikTok video in which the cook is seen preparing a clay pot dish from scratch, revealing each ingredient used in the meal. Towards the end of the video, the cook is observed using two different sauce bottles, one of which is identified as Hua Tiao Chew Rice Wine. It's worth noting that this rice wine contains 16% alcohol, rendering it non-halal for Muslim consumption.


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Many netizens expressed concerns and questioned how long the restaurant had been using this sauce in their dishes. 

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Some even claimed that, as regular customers, they were aware of the restaurant's use of rice wine and other undisclosed ingredients.

As of now, the restaurant has yet to respond to these allegations, but they did post a notice stating that they have temporarily closed until further notice. JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) has since addressed the issue, stating that the restaurant was never issued a halal certification. This revelation has caused distress among many Muslim customers who had previously patronized the establishment.

In light of this incident, JAKIM has advised Muslim consumers to exercise caution and always verify whether a particular food establishment has been certified by the relevant authorities.

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