Bomoh Rapes 16-Year-Old Student Four Times After Wanting To Remove "Lingering Spirit"



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Bomoh Rapes 16-Year-Old Student Four Times After Wanting To Remove "Lingering Spirit"

By JustineG

A 16-year-old female student has reported being raped four times by a 50-year-old shaman. Initially, the man had visited a restaurant owned by the victim's aunt in Batu Berendam, claiming that the premises were plagued by black magic. Subsequently, the suspect, who worked as a Muay Thai coach, went to the victim's house on August 25th to treat her aunt, who was believed to be affected by black magic.

However, while at the house, the man, who claimed expertise in traditional medicine, said he spotted a 'lingering spirit' on the victim's body. It's reported that he informed the victim's 48-year-old mother to grant him permission to treat her daughter. The suspect then reportedly took the victim to a bushy area near NSK Market in Malim, Cheng, Melaka. It's understood that the victim had come along with her stepfather. However, things took a different turn when the young girl was left alone with the shaman in the area because her stepfather was instructed to purchase food for the treatment.

"At that meeting, the suspect asked the victim's stepfather to buy food and left the victim with the suspect in the bushy area," said Melaka Police Chief, Datuk Zainol Samah. As a result, the suspect raped the victim for the first time in that area. Following this incident, the shaman had come several times to the victim's house and taken her and her aunt to the same place for the purpose of "treating" the young girl. Using the same tactic, the aunt was also instructed to buy food and leave the victim with the suspect.

Melaka Police Chief clarified that the victim claimed she had been raped by the suspect from August to October before finally mustering the courage to report it to the police. Following the report, the police arrested the suspect at 4:30 am on Tuesday, October 17, at a Muay Thai training facility in Batu Berendam, while the victim was sent to the hospital for further treatment. Subsequently, the Magistrate of the Melaka Court, Khairunnisak Hasni, issued a seven-day remand order for the suspect, who hails from Tumpat, Kelantan, from October 17 to 23, to assist in the investigation under Section 376 of the Penal Code for rape. If convicted, the victim could face a maximum prison sentence of 20 years and whipping.

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