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Medical Marijuana: What Medical Conditions May Qualify You for It?

MJC97   |   Nov 19, 2021, 14:40   |   9

While marijuana use has been a topic of debate for years, many have embraced it as an alternative medication for various illnesses. 

One day we never thought would come was the day that Malaysia legalized marijuana. Yet, just a few days ago out Health Minister responded to the many tweets about legalizing marijuana and informed us that it isn’t really illegal in Malaysia!


WHAT?! Did you read that right? YES, YOU DID!


Apparently, our laws actually allow the usage of marijuana products for medical purposes. It is still illegal if you’re using it for recreational purposes though!

The problem here is that the word medical purposes can be vague. Like, if I have diarrhoea, can that be my excuse for taking weed? I mean it is for medical reasons. 


The truth is, we aren’t really sure either as the government hasn’t really given us a clear and concise explanation about anything related to the issue. 

However, according to research, here are some of the medical conditions that might be able to qualify you to use marijuana:

* Please note that we are not encouraging the use of marijuana and this list is based on the illnesses that qualified for weed usage in other countries. Malaysia has yet to inform the people about the procedures on how to get medical clearance of even if these are the exact conditions that would make it ok for you to take weed. *

1. Anything related to pain


One of the most common uses of medical weed in the United States of America is related to reducing pain. It has become one of the popular alternatives to traditional pain-relieving medications. 

It is suggested that marijuana may reduce certain types of chronic pain and long-term pain. 

2. Anxiety, depression, and stress


According to research done by local scientists, most marijuana users use it to relax after work. People who are always anxious and stressed, smoking a joint might be the only way to calm them down and help them relax. 

Studies also suggest that marijuana contains certain components that could reduce depression from chronic stress. 


I mean, with COVID-19 and all the other problems in the world, aren’t we all a bunch of high-strung, stressed constantly anxious and depressed individuals. 

3. Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is an illness that is prevalent among older people. One of the most common symptoms is memory loss. 


According to research, marijuana contains a component called cannabidiol (CBD) which can be used to treat Alzheimer’s. Apparently when it is used together with the naturally occurring chemical found in marijuana, THC, it can actually slow down the diseases progress. 

4. Works for better sleep

At this day and age, if you’re getting 8 hours of sleep then honey, you’re certainly a lucky one. Every night, the moment my head touches the pillow, the existential crisis begins and the next thing I know it’s 5am and I am thinking about the time I said something stupid in secondary school and wondering if my classmates still remember it. UGH!


Instead of taking sleeping pills, some people have opted for marijuana instead since it apparently makes people sleepy. There’s actually data that proves that THC can actually help you fall asleep in the short term.


Yes, yes, this might be very exciting for some people, but you must take note that when there’s studies proving something to be good, there’s also studies proving it to be bad. 

So, before deciding to use weed as an alternative medication, talk to your doctor and get their professional opinion. 


Also, wait for the government to give proper and clear information about the legality of weed before going out and buying some. 


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