Flights From KL to Sarawak More Expensive Than Flights from KL to London, Netizens Infuriated



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Flights From KL to Sarawak More Expensive Than Flights from KL to London, Netizens Infuriated

By MJC97

While the issue of flight tickets being expensive during the holiday season might not be something new, most of the time the complains are just ignored and eventually forgotten so no action is really taken to address the issue.  

Since no one really does anything about it, local with low income find it difficult to fly anywhere.  

Recently, netizens have been complaining about the ticket prices to Sarawak from KL but this time it is really mind-blowingly high, and it just doesn’t make sense!

A Twitter user named @aripfredo and even a Sarawakian singer, Alena Murang shared their frustration about the extravagant prices to Sarawak on social media. 

Twitter user @aripfredo compared the flight ticket prices from KL to Sarawak and from KL to London on Christmas day and guess what?! Going to London is actually cheaper! KL to Sarawak is RM RM1,499.18 on Christmas day, whereas flying to Londom from KL is RM1,469.00 on MAS’s website.

Singer, Alena Murang took to Instagram to share how expensive the prices are and called out Tony Fernandez, Malaysia Airlines and Malindo Air in her caption. 

She also shared about how Malay Sarawakians who are working outside of Sarawak have shed many tears for not being able to come home to celebrate Christmas with their families last year. She implored them to lower the prices or to give a reasonable explanation about the prices. 

@aripfredo even tagged the airline on twitter asking for an explanation and this was their reply:

That reply certainly did not make netizens any happier. Many of them shared their sympathy with the fellow Sarawakians who can’t go back for the holidays. 

We too would like to share our sympathys to our fellow Sarawakian friends who won't be able to go back home and reunited with their loved ones this holiday season. Our thoughts are with you and we hope that some action will be taken to lower the flight ticket prices so that you can finally meet your family again! 

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