Wearing Facemasks Outdoor Becomes Optional for Singapore



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Wearing Facemasks Outdoor Becomes Optional for Singapore

By ellephant

Based on recent reports, as of the 29th of March 2022, people in Singapore are no longer obliged by the government to wear facemasks while outdoors. 

In the spirit of more relaxed Covid-19 regulations, PM Lee explained that on top of social gatherings being allowed up to 10 people, and office working as well as large events capacity up to 75%, wearing masks outdoors will also become an option to the country. 


He noted that this measure was because the transmission of the virus outdoors has become relatively lower. However, wearing masks indoors would still be mandatory. 

Besides that, social distancing measures of 1 meter are still to be practiced especially in scenarios where facemasks, are not being used. 

Besides that, there will also be no entrance checks for those who are fully vaccinated, but random checking will be carried out every once in awhile. 

FaceMask Singapore Outdoor optional


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