Explore Malaysia But With A Miniature Twist @ Subway Mini World Exhibition



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Explore Malaysia But With A Miniature Twist @ Subway Mini World Exhibition


Is it just me or do you ever stare at those miniature art pieces on Instagram in awe and wonder how is this possible?! The art pieces often look so real and it is clear that the artists made them with painstaking attention to detail. 

Well, now you get to stare at these beautiful miniature art pieces in awe and wonderment in real life! 

Subway is hosting the Subway Mini World Exhibition and you'll get to explore miniature Malaysian landscapes beautifully crafted by MinNature Malaysia. Here are some of the miniature pieces they've created in the past:

Besides exploring mini Malaysia, you also get to meet Subway's sweet and lovable mascot created by Malaysian artist Ernest Ng, Sabweh who will be there to greet you and liven up the event. 

Bring your family and friends to join the excitement with Sabweh at the upcoming Subway Mini World exhibitions in July 2022. Don't worry, KL people aren't the only ones lucky enough to meet Sabweh because he will be travelling interstate all the way to the island of Penang!

Pro Tip: If you want to stand a chance to collect an exclusive complimentary goody bag from Subway, before going to the event, make sure you register at https://subwayisfresh.com.my/miniworld/
Just take note that to register, you'll have to spend a minimum of RM20 on a single receipt at Subway and upload the receipt when you're registering. Please note that this is only valid for in-restaurant purchases, it is not valid for Foodpanda and/or Grafbfood purchases

The first 1,500 people to register will get the goody bag so go get yourself a sub and register now! 

So don't forget to mark your calendars with the following dates because how often do you get to see mini Malaysia? 
Subway Mini World Exhibition 2022
+ 8th-10th of July 2022 @ Tiffin The Yard, KL
+ 15th-17th of July 2022 @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

For more information about the event, visit the following pages:
Facebook | Instagram | Website

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