The Secret To Healthy Skin Is To Nourish Your Skin Barrier. Here's A Few Ways To Achieve That:



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The Secret To Healthy Skin Is To Nourish Your Skin Barrier. Here's A Few Ways To Achieve That:


There are so many skincare products out there. How do you choose the best for your skin? You don't want to be putting just any product on your delicate skin without any solid reassurance that it won't run havoc on your skin. You owe it to yourself and your precious skin to ensure that your skincare products are at least dermatologically tested, clinically proven, and with a 100% positive user experience.  

We'll save you the trouble of hunting for skincare products that fit those criteria and allow us to introduce you to the mighty Nutox Advanced Youth Restoring Micro Active range! This range is formulated with a new breakthrough technology called the Micro Active System with clinically proven efficacy to strengthen skin resilience against repeated exposure to stressors (eg: sun, pollution, stress) and of course, ageing. 

The best thing about this range is it's suitable for any skin type, even sensitive skin! Why? These products contain NO paraben, colourant, mineral oil & alcohol. On top of that, it's formulated with Bird's Nest Amino Acid; a crucial active ingredient for skin resilience.

They have two products in this range, which are:

1. NUTOX Advanced Youth Restoring Micro Active Essence

2. NUTOX Advanced Youth Restoring Micro Active Serum

Let's look into these products in more detail, shall we?

1. NUTOX Advanced Youth Restoring Micro Active Essence

This essence should be every woman's best friend, especially if you have uneven texture and skin thirsty for H2O as this essence helps to refine texture and replenish your skin's lack of hydration. On top of that, it also strengthens skin barrier upon first application and increases skin moisture instantly and retains it for 24 hours.

100% of users agreed that their skin is softer, smoother, and more radiant and that their skin texture has improved in just 7 days! This is owing to these star ingredients in the products, namely Betaine and Immortelle. They function to maintain skin's moisture, keep the skin moist and plumped as well as increase skin's resistance to daily internal and external stressors. In the end, you'll be left with more hydrated, youthful and stronger skin!

 2. NUTOX Advanced Youth Restoring Micro Active Serum

Now, let's talk about the serum! It has been clinically proven to strengthen skin barrier instantly to improve skins resilience. The stronger your skin barrier, the more protected it is against all kinds of skin problems. Aside from that, this serum has also been clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles and refine pores in just 7 days. In fact, 100% of users said the same thing!

This serum contains Rosehip and Swertia Chirata Extract, which are known to provide strength and elasticity to your skin and reduce wrinkles. It also includes antioxidants to strengthen skin resilience against stressors such as sun exposure and pollution which is so essential as we're exposed to them almost every day.

All the statistics mentioned are based on a 1-month clinical test on 15 participants, so no doubts there! If you wish to find out more on the Nutox Advanced Youth Restoring Micro Active range or wish to purchase, click on the links below!

Nutox's Official Shopee:

Nutox's Official Lazada:

Nutox on Watsons Online: 

If you're curious about Nutox other products, don't be shy to head to their official social media platforms to do some stalking, they won't mind! Find them here:



Official Website:

Remember, your skin is your best friend. Take good care of it!

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