SHOCKING: Woman Granted Leave With 'No Mood' As Reason, Boss Gives Approval



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SHOCKING: Woman Granted Leave With 'No Mood' As Reason, Boss Gives Approval

By JustineG

Just because someone isn't in the mood to work doesn't mean they can take the day off, right? We often expect everyone to just push through and get on with their day. However, it's surprising to discover that this woman and the rest of the company's staff are treated in such a pampered manner that they are allowed to take a day off over trivial matters. colleagues-office_29332-3553.jpg

Take, for example, this Chinese woman in Beijing who submitted a leave form citing the absence of snow in her area and her emotional state. While it might sound absurd, one would assume the boss would reject such a leave application. Contrary to expectations, it was approved. The woman mentioned that the company policy always allows staff to take the day off if they're not in the mood to work, apart from specific days like Women's Day, Children's Day, leave for weddings and compassionate leave. colleagues-office_29332-2708.jpg

"Our employer clarified that if employees are dissatisfied, they can request this type of leave at any time without affecting their salary or performance bonuses," she explained. Meanwhile, the CEO of the Chinese company openly declared that employees have the right to say no to their employers and can take leave if they're not in the mood. Quite a surprising revelation! 

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