"I Was Only Driving It For Short Trips!" 59-Year-Old Caught Driving BMW X6 With Expired Road Tax For 7 Years



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"I Was Only Driving It For Short Trips!" 59-Year-Old Caught Driving BMW X6 With Expired Road Tax For 7 Years

By JustineG

Regardless of the vehicle you own, maintaining an active road tax is essential for drivers, especially if you're frequently on the road. Recently, a 59-year-old Malaysian man faced repercussions for driving his BMW X6 with an expired road tax, which had lapsed seven years prior. This incident occurred during a Hari Raya operation when authorities intercepted him on the Grand Sepadu Highway heading towards Bukit Raja. 


The driver, who had just returned from shopping in Kapar, Klang, attempted to justify his actions by claiming he only used the vehicle for short-distance trips. However, upon inspection, it was revealed that the road tax for the BMW X6 had expired seven years ago, prompting immediate action from authorities. 

Subsequently, the BMW X6 was seized by JPJ officers under Section 64(1) of the Road Transport Act and impounded at the Shah Alam JPJ premises. 


Furthermore, it was discovered that the vehicle lacked valid insurance, which is an offence punishable under Section 90(1) of the same Act. If convicted, the offender could face a fine of up to RM1,000, imprisonment for a maximum of 3 months, or both.

Have you checked your road tax expiry date yet? 

Source: Kosmo

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