Body Language 101: How To Tell If Someone Really, Really Likes you



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Body Language 101: How To Tell If Someone Really, Really Likes you

By Ayunie

Humans communicate in an array of ways, most times without mouthing a word. Their gaze, their gestures, even their postures; are all indicative clues in signaling their true expression— even when they try to mask it. So, how do you know if someone is into you but you‘re too afraid to jump to a conclusion? 

1. They mirror your behavior  

Mirroring is what we call the action of subtly mimicking a person's body gestures. It is often an unconscious act done by someone attracted to another person. Ways to find out if someone is mirroring you: 

• Deliberately stage a minimal body gesture, like touching your chin, or crossing your arm. If the other person does the same, they are indeed mirroring you. 

• If you have felt eyes on you from afar but unsure if that's just your feeling, look down to your watch then glance at the other person. If they proceed to check their watch as well, your instinct is most likely right. 

2. The triangular gazing  

It's when someone looks at you and makes the triangle shape with their gaze. To put it less confusingly, it's when someone stares at you firstly into your eyes, then down to your chest, then up again to your eyes. 

3. Shoe Direction  

This is perhaps the most subtle of all cues, but if you want to figure out whether someone actually likes you, look at their shoes. If their shoes point at you, that signals interest. They are facing their entire body in your direction, ready to give you all their attention. This principle can also be applied vice versa— if a person's face or torso appears to be directed towards you but their shoes are not, they're probably just being polite and secretly wishing the conversation to be over.  

While these clues can be applied generally, the body language of interest differs slightly between men and women, if you wish to be more specific in your calculation and avoid the embarrassing repercussion of assuming the evidence of interest when it is possible there could be none. So, how do you tell the difference? 

How to know if a man is attracted to you: 

• He invites himself into your personal space ever so subtly by occasionally leaning towards you or draping their arms over your chair.

• He touches you every now and then.

• He becomes enthusiastically expressive in every conversation. 

How to know if a woman is attracted to you: 

• She deliberately exposes her neck when you are talking to her. 

• She touches her hair and lips often. 

• She genuinely laughs at your jokes, even when they're not particularly amusing. 

Ultimately, if you're dying to know; you can always just ask. 

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