Hidden Rules Of Online Dating | Ladies, Here Are The Signs That They're Worth A Second Date:



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Hidden Rules Of Online Dating | Ladies, Here Are The Signs That They're Worth A Second Date:


Online dating can be quite a gamble, and not every Hi's ends with I Love You's-- sometimes it lands you in therapy instead. That being said, there are a few indications you could look out for during first dates that will at least determine if the person is worth a bit more of your time. 


Let's go through them, shall we? 

1. They Never Attempt To Be Sexual


There is a difference between a person with a genuine intention of getting to know you, and a person with only one desired goal in mind. As a general rule, someone who's oddly comfortable with cracking a sexual joke to a person they just met is rarely a green flag. If your date steers clear of such distasteful humor, perhaps they deserve an extension of your time. 

2. They Keep Physical Contact To A Minimum


If a person is really into you, they'd tend to overthink their every move when they're around you. Physical contact simply won't come naturally to them, for fear of driving you away. Someone whose affection is genuine won't be so quick to deliberately touch you, especially not on the first date. 

3. They Show Signs Of Respect Not Only To You, But Others Around Them


Try to observe how they act-- how they treat the waiters, see if they'd help a passerby struggling with their groceries, etc. After all, it's the little things that collectively define who they are in their truest essence. You'll be surprised how much these things would matter in the long run. 

4. They Openly Express The Desire To See You Again


There's a lot to appreciate about someone who is honest about what they want-- if your date wants to see you again, take that as a good first date progress. Given that you too, feel the same way. 

5. You Find Yourself Enjoying Their Company


Sometimes, it can be just as simple as that. Who are we to deprive ourselves of the pure joy of enjoying someone's presence? Not everything requires a thorough analysis when it comes to dating. If it feels right to you, then by all means, challenge yourself to go for it. 

What's the worst that could happen? 

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