WTF: Local Man Threatens To Divorce Wife If She Doesn't Get Pregnant By The End Of The Year



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WTF: Local Man Threatens To Divorce Wife If She Doesn't Get Pregnant By The End Of The Year

By MJC97

Local woman sad, hurt and heartbroken after her husband threatened to divorce her if she doesn't get pregnant by the end of this year.  

The story was shared on Twitter by local television presenter, Ahmad Fedtri Yahya who shared a screenshot of the message with a caption questioning the meaning of loyalty if the soul is in constant pain, continuing that there is no happiness in threats and ego.  

In the screenshot of the message, the woman shared that she has been in the marriage for 7 years but unfortunately was not blessed with a child. She even asked the public to pray that she get a child. 

Many netizens were unhappy with the husbands behaviour and here are some of their comments:

Shortly after that Tweet went viral with over 2,291 Retweets, 1,034 Quote Tweets and 4,584 Likes, Ahmad Fedtri Yahya shared a follow-up Tweet where another woman talks about how she too went through the same problem but it also involved a third person.

In the screenshot she explained how she booked fertility tests for both her and her husband but he kept postponing his sperm analysis appointment. After the doctor finally set a final appointment and they both went for the appointment and when the results came in, her results were normal!

However, her husbands results were not.  

The reason behind the Tweet was to encourage the earlier woman to get fertility tests for both her and her husband because maybe she isn't the problem. 

So, if you are facing problems with fertility, make sure you and your husband both get tested and if one of your test results don't come back positively then please make sure you give your partner the support they need and consult the doctor about fertility treatment.  

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