Self-heating Seat, Anti-Bacterial , And Multi-Purpose Nozzle? These Electric Bidets Redefine Bathroom Luxury



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Self-heating Seat, Anti-Bacterial , And Multi-Purpose Nozzle? These Electric Bidets Redefine Bathroom Luxury

By Ayunie

Nothing beats using your own toilet in the comfort of your home, right?  

Having access to a good-quality bathroom at home is a luxury that should never be compromised. In fact, dealing with slippery bathrooms and the buildup of bacteria should be a thing of the past. 

Speaking of, Panasonic might have a few innovations that might peak your interest if you're eager to change your bathroom experience for the better. 

Let's skip the introduction and check them out: 

1. Electric Bidet DL-EH10

What's unique about this bidet seat?

This Panasonic electric bidet seat comes equipped with a retractable 99% anti-bacterial bidet, stainless steel nozzle and its gapless design ensures stain accumulation is reduced to a minimum. What's more interesting is that it includes the convenience of two types of nozzles for front AND rear wash, which provides a thorough and comfortable cleaning process. No more having to bend our bodies in awkward positions just to clean our you-know-what!

Automatic energy-saving + 8 hours energy-saving mode:

The power supplied to the heaters is disconnected for 8 hours upon activation and if no usage is detected, the seat temperature is decreased automatically, so you don't need to worry about wasting electricity. 

99%* Anti-bacteria Effect

It comes equipped with Ag+(silver) ions that possess strong anti-bacteria effect applied on the surface of the seat to eliminate the bad stuff. 

Where to buy: Shopee | Lazada | In-store

2. Water Bidet DL-AF15

Built-in bidet that does more than just cleaning, this one cleans everything with just one button. Ideal luxury solution for a comfortable and safe bathroom, you won't ever have to deal with a slippery, accident-inducing bathroom with this bidet seat from Panasonic! Built with comfort, especially for women in mind, this bidet provides the utmost convenience for women to wash their private parts in a more innovative way, as opposed to using the traditional bidet which could sometimes be a hassle.


- Ag+ Toilet Seat (detachable and easy to maintain)

- Ag+ Crystal Anti-Bacterial (minimize the growth of bacteria)

- Ag+ Cleaning Nozzle (Feminine use mode and family use mode, for an easy cleaning experience!)

Watch this video to learn how to install it:

Where to buy: Shopee  | Lazada | In-store  

At the end of the day, home is where the comfiest toilet is. You'd want to make sure that your own is as best as it can be, and Panasonic bidet seats provide quality, comfort, luxury, and more. For more information on these products, you can visit their:



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Remember, a clean and comfortable toilet is the one investment you'll never regret!

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