5 Cat-related movies that a Cat Lover must watch



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5 Cat-related movies that a Cat Lover must watch

By Jada

Cats have an irresistible charm that can make people want to hold them tightly. If you are also a cat lover, you definitely do not want to miss the following 5 movies related to cats.

1 . A Street Cat Named Bob 

This is a biographical film adapted from a real-life event and starring the stray cat Bob Benmiao. The story tells the story of the male protagonist who is a drug-addicted street singer in London. When he was undergoing drug rehabilitation, he adopted an orange stray cat. Since then, he has performed street art with the cat. With the help of the cat, he successfully changed his destiny. Unfortunately, the cat, Bob, passed away in a car accident in June 2020. The movie "Goodbye Street Cat BOB" has also become its final work.

2. Neko Nanka Yondemo Konai

Mitsuo is a boxer who prefers dogs but ends up looking after two cats that his brother rescues. An accident forced him to give up his boxing career, and his life becomes worse. Thanks to the help of the neighbours who love the cat, Mitsuo began to love cats and ended up becoming a successful cat cartoonist.

3. Neko to Jichan

Daikichi is a seventy-year-old who lived on an island. After the death of his wife, he spent his days with the cat "Tama" and childhood friends, including Iwao. However, his friends around him also left one after another. Daikichi worried that Tama will be left behind if he died. This revealed the helplessness of the old people. Hence, Daikichi enjoys the time he spends with Tama. He takes it for walks and communicates with the residents every day so that he can spend the rest of his life happily.

4. The Travelling Cat Chronicles

It is a heartwarming story of the powerful bond between a person and an animal. After being involved in a traffic accident, former stray cat Nana was rescued by Satoru and was living happily as his pet cat for five years. Due to certain circumstances, Satoru had no choice but to give up Nana. So Satoru and Nana went travelling together, for the purpose of finding a new owner for Nana. They headed off on a journey to visit people that Satoru had encountered so far in his life who were important to him, such as close friends, his first love, and others.

5. If Cats Disappeared from the World

This is a film that makes people reflect on the meaning of life. Young mailman finds out he has no time left due to a terminal disease. Suddenly he is approached by a devil that offers him to live more time if he eliminates something from the world. Young mailman then thinks about his relationship with friends, ex-partners, family. If the cat disappears, you can live an extra day if you are critically ill. 



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