Real Stories Of Malaysian Frontliners | "Frontliner" Movie Will Be On Netflix On September 30



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Real Stories Of Malaysian Frontliners | "Frontliner" Movie Will Be On Netflix On September 30

By Jada

We have been shrouded in misery since the outbreak of COVID-19. The number of confirmed cases has made people panic. None of us knows the end date of this pandemic. The frontliners risk their lives and work day and night to protect the people and the country. In order to pay tribute to the frontliners, D'Alphalegacy Sdn Bhd produced the film "Frontliner" and this movie is directed by Razif Rashid. The film will be released on Netflix on September 30. 

This film will not only film the pandemic situation, but it also presents the frictions and contradictions faced by frontliners and their family members. In order to learn more about the lives of frontliners, the film production team interviewed the relatives and friends of some frontliners.  

"Frontliner" is starred by Azhan Rani, Beto Khusyairi, Farah Ahmad, Emma Meambong. Azhan. They played the role of doctors in the movie and all of them were wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) for shooting. After completing the shooting process, they all agreed that all frontliners are having heavy and dangerous responsibilities.


Hope the confirmed cases in Malaysia will be lower soon!

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