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Hup Seng Cream Crackers are NOT Cancerous

ellephant   |   Oct 25, 2021, 13:35   |   5982

This just in, Hup Seng cream crackers are completely safe and do not contain any cancerous elements. 

Based on reports by NST, Hup Seng Industries has reaffirmed the public that the cream crackers manufactured by the company is fit for human consumption, and in compliance with local regulations, quality and food safety standards. 

"Being a socially responsible food manufacturer since 1958, product quality and safety have always been our foremost priority. We sincerely thank all our loyal customers and employees for your ongoing support," said the company.
Besides that, they also promised full cooperation to authorities should any further investigations on the matter be necessary. 

On the 18th of October, The Hong Kong Consumer Council revealed that 60 samples of pre-packed biscuits and crackers manufactured by Hup Seng, contained cancer-causing elements. 

The samples included 17 crackers, nine sandwich biscuits, eight wafers, seven biscuit sticks/finger biscuits/cigar biscuits, six soda biscuits, four digestives, two ring biscuits, one Marie biscuit and six types of other biscuits.

An investigation over the claims was then launched as instructed by The Health Ministry's Food Safety and Quality Division. 


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