New Year, Accountable Me | 6 Ways To SLAY With A Credit Card



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New Year, Accountable Me | 6 Ways To SLAY With A Credit Card

By ellephant

It is the new year, and this can only mean a good point for some meaningful and impact-worthy changes. 

Today we're talking finances. 

Do you have a credit card, and if not, are you unsure about getting one? 

We're here to encourage you to, and give you the 6 top tips to manage having one well. 

Check them out, down below.  

1. Pay off your balance each month 

When you do this, you don't have to deal with the hassle and heartbreak of paying interest. 

2. Use it for immediate needs

Phone bills, or other necessities. Do not use it for wants. Then when you do have the money, pay it back right away. 

3. Never skip a payment

When you skip a payment, it affects your credit score, charge you in late fees and interest rates.  

4. Stay under the 30% limit

Should you stay under the credit limit, then you will see a healthier credit score. 

5. Never charge more than you have 

Be sure that the amount you intend to use on your credit card, doesn't exceed the amount you have ready to pay back in your bank account. 

6. Use a rewards card

If you're a frequent user of a credit card, then be sure to use a rewards card, as many offer cashbacks, air points or retail points.  

Diligently follow through these 6 steps, and having a credit card would be one of the many best financial decisions you ever make!

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