WATCH: Kelantan Man Earns An Impressive RM60k Monthly Income By Selling Petai



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WATCH: Kelantan Man Earns An Impressive RM60k Monthly Income By Selling Petai

By sleepingbeauty

Numerous avenues for lucrative earnings exist in today's world, particularly when you possess a distinctive business approach. However, who would have anticipated that selling the local delicacy petai could lead to substantial monthly income? 

Mohd Zaini Zawawi shared on social media how he has harnessed the supply and demand for these beans to create a profitable venture. According to him, while making money is feasible, it necessitates the capital to sell and an adept selling strategy. 

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The entrepreneur highlighted that his beans are sourced from Betong, Thailand, setting them apart by being reasonably priced and conveniently pre-peeled for consumption. He asserted that his beans exhibit remarkable resilience, remaining unspoiled for 3-4 days if kept away from water.

While many have extended their congratulations for his achievement, some remain dubious about the accuracy of the claimed RM60k income, questioning whether additional costs were factored in.

Queries have arisen about the expenses related to refrigeration for storage and transportation given that the beans are imported from Thailand. As his calculations and explanations appear somewhat unclear, several online users are sceptical about the validity of his stated earnings.

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