WATCH: Man Went Viral For Beating Up Food Stall Owner After Waiting Too Long For His Order



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WATCH: Man Went Viral For Beating Up Food Stall Owner After Waiting Too Long For His Order

By Ayunie

Two men have been apprehended by the authorities for assaulting two restaurant workers following a delayed order at an eatery located on Jalan Perhentian Haji Salleh. 

The Sentul District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Ahmad Sukarno Mohd Zahari, revealed that the case came to light after a complaint was lodged by a 44-year-old local woman at approximately 8:03 AM. The complainant, who is the owner of the restaurant, expressed her distress over her employees being targeted in the altercation, which also resulted in damage to the establishment's equipment.

Upon conducting a thorough investigation, authorities uncovered that the incident transpired while the restaurant's staff were preparing for their daily operations. Reportedly, an individual known to the establishment arrived at 6 AM. and placed an order for a beverage. Given the recent opening of the stall, the staff politely explained that the order would take some time, leading to the individual reacting with verbal abuse.

The aggressor left temporarily after placing the order, but shockingly reappeared half an hour later. During this return, he continued his unruly behavior by launching offensive language towards the complainant, physically assaulting her, and further assaulting a staff member with a broomstick.

The situation escalated further when, at around 8:30 AM, the same suspect returned accompanied by an unidentified individual. This time, they not only hurled verbal abuse at the complainant and her staff but also caused damage to the restaurant's equipment.

The response of the local police, specifically the Mobile Patrol Vehicle (MPV) unit, led to the arrest of both suspects at a nearby shop. During the arrest, the police managed to seize a wooden stick and a blue motorcycle helmet, which were used during the altercation.

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As a result of the altercation, two of the restaurant's staff members sustained minor injuries to their heads and backs. A medical officer from Kuala Lumpur Hospital confirmed these injuries. Additionally, the complainant suffered an estimated loss of RM12,000 due to the damages inflicted during the incident.

One of the arrested suspects had a concerning criminal history, with nine previous records of various offenses. On the other hand, the second suspect had no prior criminal record.

Source: Kosmo!

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