WATCH: Male Student Wore 'Revealing Top' To Class, Gets Criticised By Netizens



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WATCH: Male Student Wore 'Revealing Top' To Class, Gets Criticised By Netizens

By JustineG

We appreciate the growing acceptance of people expressing their true selves, and it's heartening to witness the embrace of diversity. 

However, it's crucial to recognize appropriate times and places for individual expressions. 

For example, dressing in a revealing and provocative manner in an educational setting, as seen in a recent Twitter post by a local student wearing an almost backless shirt to class, can be considered disrespectful.

This choice of attire not only disrespects the university environment but also fellow students and lecturers. The post has sparked criticism, with many pointing out the disrespect shown to the institution. 

While advocating for personal freedom, it's essential to acknowledge the right time and place for such expressions, and some argue that a classroom setting might not be suitable for such attire.

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