DISTURBING CONTENT: University Students' Prank Goes Awry as Police Uncover 5 Unidentified Bodies



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DISTURBING CONTENT: University Students' Prank Goes Awry as Police Uncover 5 Unidentified Bodies


In a bizarre turn of events, what started as a prank by six university students claiming to find two corpses in their school's water tank on TikTok turned into a real police investigation. Authorities discovered five unidentified bodies, contradicting the initial belief that the students were fabricating the entire incident.

The six students, hailing from Universiti Prima Indonesia (UNPRI), posted a now-deleted video on TikTok alleging the discovery of two bodies in their school's water tank. Despite the removal of the video, netizens had already circulated backups online.

Caution: Disturbing Content

Following the viral spread of the video, law enforcement took notice, leading to a search of the school premises on the 9th floor on December 11. Initially reluctant, the university eventually allowed the police onto the campus.

To everyone's horror, although the bodies from the video were not found, a search of the 15th-floor water tank led to the genuine discovery of five bodies, four male and one female. The six students who filmed the prank video became persons of interest in the case.


According to a report by "Kosmo!," police initially focused on a room on the 15th floor, where they discovered a sealed water tank in the corner. Upon opening it, they found the five bodies, none with any identification. 

Surprisingly, before the police found the real bodies, the students had already released an apology video admitting that the bodies in their video were just human models. They expressed regret for the prank and apologized to those affected. However, the subsequent discovery by the police shocked everyone.


According to a report, the university's vice-dean, Purn Susanto, stated that no murder had occurred on campus. He assured that any such incident would be promptly reported to the authorities. The vice-dean clarified that the bodies were not victims of murder but rather were intended for medical educational purposes. Dr. Ade Firmansyah, a forensic pathology expert at Jakarta National General Hospital, emphasized that having bodies in medical schools is a normal practice.

The incident sparked heated discussions among netizens, questioning the students' belief that the police would not distinguish between human models and real bodies. Some expressed concerns about the dark side of university life and called for a swift clarification of the truth by the authorities.

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