12 Local Cosmetic Brands WORTH Your Money



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12 Local Cosmetic Brands WORTH Your Money

By ellephant

Pandemic or not, the one thing which females adore more than anything, regardless of being stuck at home, is makeup. 


Whether it's going out, or staying home, women can never get enough from a foundation in that brand, or a certain highlighter in that shade. It is all very exciting and pretty. 

However, most often than not, makeup can end up being on the pricier side. For many, this could be a deal breaker, especially now so, more than ever. But that problem can be solved. 


One of the best ways to get much cheaper makeup products is, to shop local! Local products are usually priced at a lower range, to appeal to the targeted audience. This will help you not only, fit your budget range, but also support a local business. 

With that in mind, some of the best prices and prettiest stuff, we took the liberty of listing down these 12 local cosmetics brands in Malaysia. Check it out, and make your favourite, yours!

12. Forest Colour

Price Range: RM12 for their Collagen Velvety Lip Colour

Instagram: @forestcolour

Website: Forest Colour Cosmetics

11. Orkid Cosmetics

Price Range: RM13.50 for their lipstick with matte finish

Instagram: @orkidcosmetics

Website: Orkid Cosmetics

10. Sugarbelle Cosmetics

Price Range: RM20 for their Eye-Catching Liquid Eyeliner

Instagram: @sugarbellecosmetichq

Website: Sugarbelle Cosmetics

9. Asly Beauty

Price Range: RM45 for their Ultimate Lip Match

Instagram: @aslybeauty.official

Website: Asly Beauty

8. Zhuco Cosmetics

Price Range: RM30 for their Zhuco Dream Highlighter

Instagram: @zhucocosmetics


7. Syed Faizal Beauty

Price Range: RM45 for their Star Glam Face Palette 

Instagram: @syedfaizalbeauty

Website: Syed Faizal Beauty

6. So.lek

Price Range: RM24.50 for their Mekar Blusher Cushion

Instagram: @so.lek

Website: Solek Cosmetics

5. Velvet Vanity

Price Range: RM19.90 for their Reality Star in Sequin

Instagram: @shopvelvetvanity

Website: Velvet Vanity Cosmetics

4. Nita Cosmetics

Price Range: RM29 for their Mata Kucing Brow Liner

Instagram: @nita.cosmetics

Website: Nita Cosmetics

3. Breena Beauty

Price Range: RM19 for their Trial Healthy Glow Serum Infused Liquid Foundation + Concealer

Instagram: @breenabeauty

Website: Breena Beauty

2. OMW Cosmetics

Price Range: RM39 for their Pout-fect Lips lipstick

Instagram: @ohmostwantedlook

Website: Oh Most Wanted

1. Fame Cosmetics

Price Range: RM27 for their Soft Matte Lip Cream 1.0

Instagram: @fame_cosmetics

Website: Fame Cosmetics Hq

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