WATCH: "Irresponsible Idiot!" Ex-Husband Goes Wild And Rips Open His Ex-Wife's Car Window Over Marriage Dispute



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WATCH: "Irresponsible Idiot!" Ex-Husband Goes Wild And Rips Open His Ex-Wife's Car Window Over Marriage Dispute


TW: Domestic Violence 

A video posted by a Facebook user, Amira Nabila went viral after her husband was caught on tape trashing her car while her toddler was still inside, causing him to cry in agony.

Many viewers expressed their anger and disgust after seeing the video and pointed out how the ex-husband's behavior could've easily endangered the toddler's safety— something a good and responsible father wouldn't do. According to the statement posted by Amira Nabila herself, she is currently going through a divorce with her soon-to-be ex-husband and they have been separated since April. 

However, her ex-spouse has been returning constantly purely to harass her, and one of those moments was caught on tape, which now has 22K shares and 10K likes. His outbursts of anger, clearly visible in the video, seems to support Nabila's anecdote. 

The video ended just right before her ex-spouse managed to pry inside the car, however we do hope that Amira and her children are in safe hands. 

If you're experiencing domestic violence, please reach out to Women's Aid Organization at:

WAO Hotline: +603 3000 8858 (24 hours)

SMS/WhatsApp TINA: +6018 988 8058 (24 hours)

They provide advice and/or face-to-face consultation with you. 

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