The Bowl Method To Wash Your Curly Hair Is Going Viral On TikTok And Here's Why!



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The Bowl Method To Wash Your Curly Hair Is Going Viral On TikTok And Here's Why!

By m7py

When it comes to curly hair, some might struggle with frizz or lack of moisture.  That sucks, for sure! But, thanks to the bowl method, you could escape all the trouble. 

Bowl method is a simple way of washing your curly hair by reusing the water and conditioner that you normally wash out in the shower. 

Here's all the great stuff you'll get from the bowl method: 
- More hydrated scalp
- Tighter, more defined curls
- Juicy, big clumps
- Less frizz
- Save water

Check out what you'll need: 
- Conditioner
- Gel
- Big plastic bowl
- Cup 

And, now you can get started! Follow these easy steps: 

1. Wash your hair with shampoo & apply your moisturizing conditioner to your ends. 

2. Fill your cup with water. Bend your hair forwards over the bowl. 

3. Slowly pour the water to the back of your hair, right into the bowl.
4. Start squishing your curls for a minute or two into nice big clumps.

5. Scoop the water up and keep squishing to get the mixture into your hair. Keep adding water if needed. 

6. Remove the water from the bowl and apply gel to your soaking wet hair. Squeeze the gel into clumps. 

7. Let the excess water and gel drip into the bowl. Dip your curls into the mixture and squeeze out remaining excess water. 

And, there you go! The result will be stunning, defined curls that everyone would die for. 

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