Fancy Dining Out But Minus The Weight Gain? Here Are 3 Tips To Keep Your Scale In-Check:



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Fancy Dining Out But Minus The Weight Gain? Here Are 3 Tips To Keep Your Scale In-Check:

4 Days ago
By DN21

Whether you're on a time crunch or simply too tired to cook after a long day, there's no shame in favouring the next best thing, aka dining out.

And even if you're currently watching your weight, enjoying your favourite meals at a restaurant doesn't have to feel daunting.  
Here's how:

1. Portion size

When it comes to dining out while weight-watching, you need to be mindful of two things: a) What you eat AND b) How much you eat. 

Rather than attempting to finish a big bowl of meal in one sitting, opt for other healthier yet more fulfilling options so you won't feel guilty afterwards. 

2. Eat some greens

This may sound tempting but devouring a bread basket isn't the best way to avoid overeating. So, what's better? Greens, of course! To help you feel fulfilled longer, have a go at a salad or veggie soup and you'll be surprised by the outcome. 

3. Healthy snacking

Refrain from starving yourself before heading out for dinner because chances are, you'll end up overeating due to an empty tummy! 

But if you still insist on eating light an hour or two before dining out, opt for healthy snacks to avoid the hunger pangs.

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