Everything You Need To Know About 'I Came By', The Top #3 Movie In Malaysia Today



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Everything You Need To Know About 'I Came By', The Top #3 Movie In Malaysia Today

By storyteller24

BAFTA and Sundance award-winning director Babak Anvari explores the dangers of privilege in the new mystery thriller I Came By. The film follows Toby, a world-weary graffiti artist who vandalizes the homes of Londons elite. One night, he targets the stately house of a retired London judge and discovers a dark secret that endangers him and his loved ones. 

I Came By stars BAFTA award winner George MacKay, three-time SAG award winner Hugh Bonneville and Emmy-winning actor Kelly Macdonald. Anvari is a British-Iranian filmmaker whose previous features include the horror movies Under the Shadow and Wounds. Anvari was awarded the Sundance NHK Award, which honors emerging artists for their existing work and for upcoming screenplays. In Anvaris case, this was for I Came By.

The release date

I Came By is available to stream Aug. 31. 

The trailer

The cast

I Came By stars renowned English actors George MacKay (1917), Kelly Macdonald (No Country for Old Men) and Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey). 

The plot

Antiestablishment graffiti artists and best friends Toby and Jay pick seemingly saintly retired judge Sir Hector Blake as their latest vandalism victim – until Jay finds out his girlfriend is pregnant and quits their risky side project. Angered by his friend bailing on him, Toby decides to go it alone and breaks into Blakes lavish London home. But before he can tag the duos infamous slogan I Came By on the wall, Toby comes across something troubling he's determined to get to the bottom of. 

The setting

I Came By takes place in London. 

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