The Way This Girl Is Eating Paal Appam Has M'sians Going Crazy



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The Way This Girl Is Eating Paal Appam Has M'sians Going Crazy

By JustineG

No doubt, Malaysians love their food and we are pretty protective of how others think of it.

But with how this TikToker @sozi.deeb is devouring the local Indian treat, Paal Appam is literally making every Malaysian go nuts.

@sozi .deeb #selangor #malaysia #fypシ #palappam original sound - Sozi">">

Not only does she fold the appam in half as though she's eating a taco but she even sipped the coconut milk that was meant for dipping like soup.

Netizens are flooding her comments teaching her the right way to eat the dish.

"The correct way to eat it is by soaking the appam in coconut milk. Then start eating it."

Well, it's a first for everything, right?

Let's be nice, guys!

Paal Appam girl eating M'sians crazy


kill 'em with kindness



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