This Man Used His Credit Card To Invest RM 3.15Million In A Company



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This Man Used His Credit Card To Invest RM 3.15Million In A Company

By Grace Sundram

Getting a credit card in your name is something we can all be proud of. Especially when we can swipe and buy anything we want all at once.

But did you know that, in addition to buying things you like, you can also invest in or even buy a company?

 Surprise surprise!

This Malaysian recently shared on his Instagram Story with his followers how he utilised his credit card to invest in a company. He spent a total of RM6 million on his investment!

It is, certainly, a substantial sum.

He even stated that his bank was prepared to reimburse him with RM150k cashback or 30 million bonus points for the amount he paid.

He further claims that he broke the transactions because Malaysian merchant terminals, according to him, can only accept a total of RM 999,999 per transaction.

Also, it scared him a bit every time he had to key in his pin, although firing a weapon isn't as terrible as this.

Well, now that you know would you be buying a company or investing in one with your credit card? 

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Grace Sundram

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