Newest Delivery Scam Alert: Online Shoppers Beware!



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Newest Delivery Scam Alert: Online Shoppers Beware!

1 Week ago

In a shocking development, a new scam method has emerged, targeting individuals who make online purchases. It is crucial for internet users to exercise extreme caution and remain vigilant. Fraudulent groups are now disguising themselves as delivery personnel and contacting unsuspecting victims through WhatsApp.  

Here's how the scam unfolds: Impersonating legitimate delivery agents, these scammers claim to have a package ready for delivery to your address. What makes this scam particularly alarming is that they possess your full name and address, making their approach seem convincing and authentic.
However, do not fall for their deceitful tactics! The scammers will try to persuade you to click on a link leading to their app, called "Foto Peket." It is of utmost importance that you refrain from clicking on the link. Failure to heed this warning could result in the complete depletion of funds from your bank account!

Authorities are urging individuals to remain cautious and follow these preventive measures:

1. Verify the identity of any delivery personnel by contacting the official customer service hotline of the respective courier company.

2. Never share personal information or click on suspicious links sent by unknown sources.

3. Regularly monitor your bank accounts and report any unauthorized transactions immediately.

4. Stay informed about the latest scam techniques by following official news sources and law enforcement agencies.

Remember, being proactive and informed is the best defence against these cunning scammers. Stay safe and protect yourself from falling victim to this latest fraud scheme.

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