Buff Durian Seller In Kepong Goes Viral, And Now Suddenly Everyone Is A Durian Enthusiast!



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Buff Durian Seller In Kepong Goes Viral, And Now Suddenly Everyone Is A Durian Enthusiast!


Hot men selling durian? We can definitely get on with that program!

We must say, appealing visual aids work wonder in selling any product, especially if said visual aid happens to be in the form of very attractive individuals. 


19-year-old Ashton certainly knew what he was doing when he decided to post his shirtless photo posing amongst a bunch of durian on the Chinese social media app the Little Red Book, or Xiao Hong Shu (小红书).

Jokingly, he said in his caption: "Jordan Yeoh has stopped doing this, so now it's my turn!", referring to a famous local fitness Youtuber who had applied similar durian-selling tactics in the past. According to Wau Post who managed to interview him, Ashton is a software engineering students who has taken up a side income selling durians, saying that he's doing it solely for earning some extra allowance. 

Predictably, the comment section is flooded with cheeky comments from netizens who just couldn't resist. 


User A: "Give me muscle Durians, but without the Durians."

Ashton: "Kids are only allowed to choose either one. You can have both."

User B: "How many durian do I need to buy in order to able to touch (the model)?"

Ashton: "10 boxes!"

User B: "How barbaric, but I like it." 

If you feel called to support Ashton and his Durian selling endeavours, you may head to Dried Meat Meat Floss Kepong Baru, Jalan Ambong 4, Kepong Baru, KL. Make sure to come anytime between 1pm to 7pm and you might catch him there!

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Matcha-fueled Aries reporting for duty.



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