DSAI: "Nah Popcorn, Pergi Tengok Wayang"



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DSAI: "Nah Popcorn, Pergi Tengok Wayang"

By sleepingbeauty

This morning, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was spotted leaving his house and when questioned by the media about where he was going, he merely responded, "pergi tengok wayang."

Then later that evening as he was leaving his office at Jalan Gasing, they asked him the same question as well as the progress of appointing the new prime minister. He playfully answered, "Dah kata.. nak tengok wayang. Saya belikan you popcorn."

From his car window, he handed several bags of GSC popcorn to the press.

"Pergi tengok wayang" and "popcorn" appear to be the Pakatan Harapan Chairman's subtle jabs at the ongoing Perikatan Nasional-Barisan Nasional coalition crisis as well as the election of the Prime Minister.

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