SHOCKING: Local Woman's Pet Dog Was Killed By Dog Catchers, And Its Lifeless Body Was Thrown In A Garbage Dump In Pahang



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SHOCKING: Local Woman's Pet Dog Was Killed By Dog Catchers, And Its Lifeless Body Was Thrown In A Garbage Dump In Pahang

By JustineG

Pet owners hold an immense love for their furry companions, considering them as family members deserving of compassion and care. Unfortunately, one local woman, Zenise recently experienced the devastating loss of her loyal 14-year-old canine friend, found among a pile of dead dogs.

In her heartfelt Facebook post, she recounted the moment she received the distressing news about her missing pet and how her intuition led her back to Bera, Pahang, from KL, where she tirelessly searched for her beloved dog throughout the day. Despite the denials from the City Council dog catchers, who claimed they had not captured any dogs in the vicinity, she persisted in pleading for the truth.

Eventually, one of the dog catchers reluctantly admitted that her pet's remains were discarded in a nearby garbage dump. As she rushed to the scene, her worst fears were confirmed when she found her beloved companion lifeless, surrounded by other discarded dog carcasses. Zenise also shared a voice note conversation with the dog catcher, exposing the blatant lies he had told, denying any harm had come to her pet. 

However, the reality she confronted was far more distressing.

Following the incident, it was revealed that she had engaged in negotiations with the City Council, leading to the agreement to implement a one-month notice before any dog-catching operations. This initiative aims to provide dog owners with ample time to ensure the safety of their pets and relocate stray dogs to secure shelters. 

Moreover, pet owners will be granted a minimum of 2 to 3 days to reclaim their dogs. The City Council has committed to collaborating with communities facing stray dog issues and vowed not to initiate dog-catching operations without receiving public complaints. 

Additionally, the City Council proposed the use of identification tags for neutered dogs.

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