SHOCKING: "I Feel Disgusted!" Man Divorces Wife After Uncovering Her Twitter DS and Sugar Baby Past



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SHOCKING: "I Feel Disgusted!" Man Divorces Wife After Uncovering Her Twitter DS and Sugar Baby Past

By JustineG

Before marriage, we all have lives with secrets and actions from our past that we might be ashamed of. However, the discovery of such pasts doesn't necessarily mean a recurrence of those behaviors. It's reasonable for someone to feel hurt and struggle with trust if they find out about such secrets, and it's understandable why they might react that way. This is precisely what happened to a Malaysian couple.

Sharing his story anonymously on social media, a local man revealed his shock and disgust at uncovering his wife's promiscuous past. He learned that she was part of the Twitter DS community and had been a sugar baby for a significant period. This revelation came to light during an argument when he pressed her to admit her past. The discovery left him heartbroken and shattered, as he truly loved her but felt he couldn't forgive her and move past this revelation. Consequently, he decided to proceed with a divorce, expressing relief that they didn't have children together, seeing it as a sign from God.

Currently, he feels ashamed of his situation and is unsure how to explain the reason for the divorce to both families and friends. He advised individuals with similar pasts to seek partners who share a similar lifestyle. 

He admitted feeling lost, as he used to be proud of his wife and often boasted about her being not just his wife but his best friend. In his concluding words, he expressed a desire to crawl into a hole and die. 

Many sympathized with him, recognizing the difficulty in accepting a life partner's past choices that contradict one's own beliefs. 

Some suggested giving her a chance, believing that people can change and repent.

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