NEW Record: The Most Expensive Nasi Kandar At RM256 - Here's What The Record Breaker Ordered



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NEW Record: The Most Expensive Nasi Kandar At RM256 - Here's What The Record Breaker Ordered


The record for the most expensive Nasi Kandar in Malaysia has reached a new high, setting a staggering price of RM256! This time, the milestone was achieved at the Chai Leng Park branch of Pelita, the largest Nasi Kandar restaurant chain in the country.

Previously, a customer of Indian descent at the renowned Nasi Kandar Sulaiman in Penang set the record by paying RM218 for a Nasi Kandar with three plates of food, making it the most expensive order in the history of the restaurant.

However, the new record of RM256 for a Nasi Kandar was established by a man at Pelita's Chai Leng Park branch, as seen in a video uploaded on the official TikTok account @nasikandarpelitaofficial of Pelita Nasi Kandar.

@nasikandarpelitaofficial Dahsyat betul #nasikandarmalaysia #pecahrekod #nasikandarpelita #penangfoodie #klfoodie #selangorfoodie #lambshank #ayambawang #sotonggoreng original sound - Nasi Kandar Pelita Official

In the video, the man entered the restaurant and immediately stated his request for a Nasi Kandar priced at a minimum of RM250. He did not specify any particular dishes but left it to the restaurant to decide. The final order included a variety of dishes such as chicken, lamb, squid, curry, fish, prawns, lamb intestines, fish roe, and mixed vegetables.

The extensive order not only filled an entire plate but was so abundant that it had to be separated into two different plates, even requiring additional empty plates for dining. The customer took a considerable amount of time to savour the most expensive Nasi Kandar and continuously praised the deliciousness of the dishes, particularly highlighting the juicy chicken and shrimp the size of his palm.

Expressing satisfaction, he stated, "Paying RM250 is really worth it." The record-breaking Nasi Kandar has stirred considerable attention, showcasing the unique culinary experiences that continue to captivate enthusiasts in Malaysia.

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