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First Retro-Themed KFC Outlet In Malaysia | Come And Check In There

Jada   |   Apr 22, 2021, 22:35   |   25

The first retro-style KFC fast food restaurant has officially opened in Malaysia! It attracted thousands of people to check-in as soon as the store opened! This KFC fast food restaurant at Bukit Raja, Klang, was a hot topic among netizens even before its opening. It is said that the design is inspired by American fast-food joints from the 1950s.

As soon as you arrive at this newly opened 24-hour KFC outlet, you will be attracted by its red and white exterior design as well as its iconic enormous KFC bucket on its roof. Then, you can see the inside from the outside through the glass panels at its entrance.



After you enter this KFC restaurant, we will definitely be amazed by its vintage interior designs! The vinyl diner seatings, neon sign design, the portrait of KFC grandpa (aka Colonel Harland David Sanders), and patterned covered walls form the combination of vintage and modern design. Almost every corner of this outlet is a good place to take an instagrammable photo.




In order to improve work efficiency and avoid long queues, they also set up a self-service ordering machine in front of the counter. The ordering machine is operated in a touch-screen manner. You only need to choose the meal you want and complete the payment. 


In addition, this retro-style KFC outlet is also launching a Drive-thru area. The spacious parking space allows you to comfortably eat in the car!

After reading this, do you feel the urge to rush over there to check in?


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