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A Gift Of Health: Everything You Need To Know To Start A Healthier 2022

MJC97   |   Dec 6, 2021, 15:40   |   4760

After living through a global pandemic for the last 2 years, there’s one thing we know for sure: our health is the most important thing in the world and we shouldn’t spare any expense when it comes to that department. 

Leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy. The best way to ensure that the lifestyle you’re leading is a healthy one is by keeping track of everything that is going on in your body not only physically but also mentally. 

How do you track everything that’s going on in your body? How many machines do you have to buy?

The answer is none, all you need is a Garmin watch which is made using advanced, functionally-integrated technology that helps you track your personal health and give you indepth activity insights. Here’s how they do it:

+ Heart Rate Tracking


Garmin watches equipped with Garmin Elevate track your heart rate to measure exercise intensity and get insights into your health. 

It senses and displays your heart rate instantly in real time, and by using the Garmin Connect app you can view longer term data to identify trends and better understand your health.

+ Respiration Rate Tracking 

This measures your average number of breaths each minute (brpm) over each day, tracking each inhalation and exhalation to identify your potential health or air quality problems.


Besides that, on compatible devices you can use the built-in breathwork activity profile to practice three different breathing techniques: 

> Tranquility - to help get you in a ready state for sleep

> Coherence - to help you feel balanced and calm

> Relax and focus - to put you in state of focus and concentration, free from stress

+ Stress Tracking 

Stressful experiences influence our heart's activity. It uses Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to estimate the body’s stress levels and if they are a littler higher than usual then it will suggest a breathing activity to relax.


+ Pulse Ox

If you've done your research about COVID-19, then you'll know that low blood oxygen saturation is one of the symptoms. So, having a device on your wrist that  calculates blood oxygen saturation to assist in detecting possible signs of the Covid-19 virus is a huge benefit. 


+ Advanced Sleep Monitoring

While you sleep, your Garmin watch is working overtime, analyzing your heart rate, HRV, blood oxygen, respiration and activity level data. Then when you wake up, your watch will give your sleep a score. 


The score can be divided into 4 levels:

> Score 100: A very good sleep. 

> Score 80-99: You are sleeping well and have sufficient rest. 

> Score 50-79: You've had a moderate amount of sleep. 

> Score 0-49: Your sleep quality should be improved. 

+ Fitness Tracking

Garmin tracks your cardiorespiratory fitness, which is measured in terms of VO2 max which is a single number that describes your cardiorespiratory fitness. Garmin devices examines the relationship between how fast you’re moving and how hard your body is working to maintain that pace.


+ Hydration

Garmin devices helps their user stay hydrated by setting you a default daily hydration goal based on your gender. Staying hydrated helps with temperature regulation, joint protection, waste removal, sensitive tissue defense, weight loss promotion and defense against chronic diseases. 


+ Women’s Health 

Your Garmin watch also tracks your menstrual cycle, pregnancy and also provides you with multiple logging and reminder options. 


Since the season of giving is just around the corner, give your family members a gift that keep them safe and healthy. So, here are our recommendations of some of the best models perfect for your family members:

~ For The “Forever Perfect” Older Sister

We all have that older sister that as much as we love her we also slightly hate her because of how perfect she is. She has a life together, a good job, a loving partner and she takes care of herself and everyone else in the family too. Ugh! She's just perfect and what better gift to give her than Lily.


Key features:

- classic and elegent design

- tracks your steps, sleep, stress and energy levels

- apps for yoga, walking, cardio, mindful breathing and more

- up to 5 days of battery life

~ For The Fitness Lover Brother

Every family has that one sibling that lives in the gym. If he's missing and not nswering calls, you know you can find him by just popping over to the nearest gym, he will be there. Help him get one step closer to beast moe by getting him the fēnix 6 Pro Solar.


Key Features:

- rugged yet sophisticated design 

- advanced training metrics that include running dynamics, recovery advisor and more

- skip your phone, get your music on your wrist

- solar charging lets you get up to 14 days of battery life

~ For The Thrill Seeker in The Family

For that brother that you love with all your heart and are constantly worry about because of the dangerously adventurous activities he gets himself into and all the time he spends off the grid, the Instinct Solar is the best gift for him. 


Key features:

- daring and bold design

- GPS, GLONASS and Galileo

- military standard toughness

- unprecedented battery life with solar charging

~ For The Dad That is All About That #GolfLife

Why he loves golf? No one in the family knows but they all love him anyway. The Approach S12 is a golfers dream watch so you know you'll be your dad's favourite until someone buys him a new set of expensive golf clubs but let's not give them that idea. 


Key Features:

- sunlight-readable display

- 42,000 preloaded courses 

- knows the distance to the front, middle and back of the green

- battery life that lasts up to 30 hours

~ For the Mum Who Takes Care of Everyone Else But Herself

Selfless, compassionate, loving, strong, supportive. These 5 adjectives aren't enough to describe the hero of our families, our mum. She runs around daily and works hard to take care of everyone but one person, herself. So, get her a Venu 2S so that it can be the watching watching over her health, since she clearly won't! 


Key Features:

- sleek stainless steel bezel and comfortable silicone band

- 25 preloaded sports apps

- records key stats, including heart rate, heart rate variability, Pulse Ox2, respiration and stress

- up to 10 days of battery life

Health is a choice. Find out more here.

Get your family a gift of health this holiday season. 

Check out their latest promotions here or Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/GarminMalaysia


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