Mysteries Behind Your Birthmarks Are Finally Revealed! Find Out What Do They Actually Mean



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Mysteries Behind Your Birthmarks Are Finally Revealed! Find Out What Do They Actually Mean

By m7py

Love them or hate them, birthmarks have always been a part of you from day 1! But, are they just "angels' kisses" -as your Mom would put it- or more than that? Well, birthmarks can indicate something about your past lives.

1. Red or white birthmarks
Indicate that you were burnt to death

2. Birthmarks on your chest or back
Indicate being stabbed or shot

3. Birthmarks on your neck
Indicate you were hanged, decapitated, or strangled

4. Birthmarks on your stomach
Indicate you died by a stabbing or childbirth

5. Fading birthmarks
Indicate you learnt the lessons you needed to

6. Birthmarks on your thighs
Indicate being shot, stabbed or attacked by animals

7. Matching birthmarks
Indicate you have a spiritual connection or soul contact

8. Birthmarks on your wrists
Indicate being bound, imprisoned, or hanged

9. Birthmarks on your knees, elbows, and shoulders

Indicate amputation in your past lives

10. Birthmarks on the right side of your forehead
Indicate your high intelligence and achievement in academics

11. Birthmarks on the left side of your forehead
Indicate that you were very creative, unique, and spontaneous

12. Birthmarks on the middle of your forehead
Indicate that you had a spontaneous love life

Now that you know the mystery behind your birthmarks, time to flaunt those beauties proudly!  

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Thank you for reading!



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