Neelofa Calls Langkawi Debacle ‘Free Marketing’



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Neelofa Calls Langkawi Debacle ‘Free Marketing’

By ellephant

Ever since Malaysian beauty entrepreneur/icon Neelofa got married about a couple of weeks ago, she has very successfully (for better or for worse) been trending throughout the country.  

It started off with a beautiful wedding of course. Netizens fawned all over her magical matrimony, but unfortunately, the ceremony also showcased how social distancing measures were not adhered, throughout. 

She then continued to be in the spotlight, when she and husband crossed borders to go to Langkawi, despite interstate travel bans. Many speculated it to be the newlywed's honeymoon, and got mad at authorities for not appropriately penalizing her. 

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Shortly upon her arrival in Langkawi, Taiwanese teahouse franchise Chatime came to her rescue (via a now deleted tweet), claiming the starlet was there for business and not pleasure.

Netizens were quick to call all of them out, as well as attempt to boycott her and the establishment altogether. 

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Shockingly though, despite the massive internet bashing, Neelofa went about her life not finding the need to acknowledge everything. As a matter of fact, based on her social media postings and an interview thereafter, she referred to the whole scene as 'free marketing'. 

Her lack of care as well as ignorance on breaching SOPs, aggravated netizens.

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