【News】Is Being Hot a Sport | What is Alica Schmidt Still Doing at The Olympic Village?



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Is Being Hot a Sport | What is Alica Schmidt Still Doing at The Olympic Village?

MJC97   |   Aug 5, 2021, 13:32   |   277

After her recent posts on Tiktok, many of her followers are wondering what is Alica Schmidt still doing at the Olympics? 

Alica Schmidt is a German runner who was nicknamed the world’s sexiest athlete. She qualified for her country’s 4X400m relay team but was benched on Saturday’s mixed even. 

Her team did manage to get to the finals but was later disqualified for making contact with the Jamaican team.


Although she has not been seen in any competitions so far, her fans have noticed a high volume of posts on her social media sharing her life inside the Olympic Village. She regularly updates IG stories from inside the field even some of her cheering for her teammates. 

After her recent videos, one captions “when you make your first Olympic team” and another that displays all the presents she got from the Tokyo Olympics, the comment section consists of people asking her what is she still doing at the Olympic Village?


Some Tiktok users are even saying that she was only selected for the German team to promote the Olympics rather than for her athletic abilities. 

Some also expressed their confusion at how she has access to the Olympic village for such a long time without competing. The reason for this confusion is because, normally when you are done with your competition, you will have to vacate your room so that other athletes can use it instead.

While we may never know if she managed to get to the Olympics because of her athletic abilities or because of her hotness, one thing is for certain, she is definitely helping to promote the Olympics. I mean, look at all the coverage they are getting because of her! 


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