Muhyiddin Berates PM Anwar For His Kleptocrat Decorated Cabinet, Minister Fahmi Fadzil Claps Back



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Muhyiddin Berates PM Anwar For His Kleptocrat Decorated Cabinet, Minister Fahmi Fadzil Claps Back

By Ayunie

Right after prime minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim announced his new cabinet line-up, seas of criticism began greeting their attack, one of which was from former prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. 

The new cabinet lineup has been dubbed the most disappointing in the history of the nation by the former prime minister, adding that by selecting a "kleptocrat" for the Cabinet, Anwar Ibrahim sacrificed the values of fair governance.

This is In relation to Zahid Hamidi's appointment as deputy prime minister, who was previously charged of 47 counts of corruption, CBT, and money laundering. In his statement, he also criticised Anwar's appointment as finance minister, warning that it would result in a concentration of power and widespread financial fraud akin to the 1MDB crisis.

In response to Muhyiddin's statement, the newly appointed Minister of Communications and Multimedia clapped back saying Muhyiddin "has his own corruption to worry about."

The minister emphasised in his remark that the PM was not the sole factor in deciding who would be appointed to the cabinet and that "this is not the government of Pakatan Harapan where the PM can easily pick anybody he thinks fit."

Minister Fahmi concludes hi statement by reminding Muhyiddin that the 1Bestari Net and the purported RM500 billion pandemic funds are among the corruption-related issues that Muhyiddin himself has and that these issues also demand attention.

This looks intense. What do you think of this issue?

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